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Twindle Foundation Helping Minorities Change Their Future Through Homeownership

The Twindle Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to changing the wealth gap of African Americans and minorities by increasing homeownership. Although we've been told that we were all created equal that has never been the case. Opportunities aren't the same for minorities vs. their white counterpart, especially through homeownership.

Homeownership rates for African American families is near historic lows. In the first quarter of 2020:

  • · 44% of Black families owned their home compared to 73.7% of white families, according to Census Bureau data.
  •  The homeownership gap between Black and white Americans has widened since the Great Recession.

“We can do more and do better to break down systemic racism and widespread economic inequality in homeownership, especially for minorities,” said Twanja Windley, Founder of the Twindle Foundation 

Message from Founder Twanja L. Windley

Twanja L. Windley

What started as a career in real estate has fueled a different passion in me. Helping people has always been my heart's desire but being able to create change has taken my life to another level.

As a realtor, I'm able to witness the struggles that people of color face when purchasing a home. Many of those setbacks are are result of student loan debt, defaulting on student loans, and the lack of homeownership because of race and wealth disparity. 

Words can't begin to elaborate on the hurt I feel inside as I watch people of color struggle. There is an issue that needs to be addressed; to create equal opportunities. I want to create a bridge between minorities and homeownership, therefore I created the Twindle Foundation. 

William E. Ladson Jr. Scholarship

A barrier to minority homeownership is student loan debt. It’s a fact that African American students finance their college education through student loans compared to their white peers.

Through the William Earl Ladson Jr. Scholarship, the Twindle Foundation is providing minority students at Carver's Bay with an opportunity to take on less financial debt and will have an impact such as:

  • Reduction of debt-to income-ratio so that they are able to purchase a home
  • Acquisition of land & investment properties 
  • Creation of financial stability.

Click here for more scholarships info

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Meet The Twindle Team

We Love Serving You

Twanja L. Windley


Realtor/Philanthropist/Authoress & Freelance Writer

Kevin John Peters

Board Member

Philanthropist/ Host & Reporter for ABC10TV

Alfred Thomas

Board Member

Licensed Professional Counselor/Philanthropist

Terrell Lawrence

Board Member

Writer @ HBO

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